Family and Player Handbook

Comprehensive information for parents, guardians, and players.


• CGFC Complaints Procedure Flow Chart.pdf

• CGFC Member Protection Policy.pdf

Making a Complaint

Please refer to our Codes of Conduct. If you are not sure go and check the Play By The Rules resources, that’s what we do.

Ok, so something happened that you don’t think was ok – what next?

You’ll need to write an Incident report, here’s a guide

Here is a doc file from the Australian Sports Commission you can use DOC Incident_Report_Template or a PDF version PDF Incident_Report_Template

That needs to be sent to the club president [email protected] if you can’t do that or would like to just talk to someone, speak to any of the club committee

IMPORTANT – Don’t just let it go, speak to more than one person, follow your instincts, it’s ok to ask more than once.