No Joy in the Forest

There was a lot a stake on Sunday in the Division 1 match between Castlemaine Goldfields and Forest Rangers, with both teams looking to get their first points for the season.

Once again Castlemaine fell victim to an early goal despite coach Terry Attwood’s pre-match talk urging them to avoid just that. The Mainers have conceded goals in the first ten minutes of four of their five matches this season.

It was even worse last weekend, though, as they were down 2-0 after only seven minutes.

So once again Castlemaine was on the back foot and chasing the game, and once again played some great football but failed to convert in the first half.

The Mainers came out in the second half and scored early when young gun Ben Adams split the defence with a penetrating run that left him one-on-one with the keeper.

This was followed by a couple close chances but unfortunately, in the space of ten minutes, Forest scored two more goals from defensive long balls.

Castlemaine’s spirit could not be faulted as they continued to play good football but failed to penetrate the opposition’s goal, often losing the ball in the final third of the pitch.

Final score: Castlemaine 1, Forest Rangers 4.


Division 2

A slightly understrength Castlemaine Division 2 came up against the very physical and determined Forest Rangers.

Recent impressive form from Hugh Feary and Nathaniel Muller resulted in call ups for both of them into the first team, and with Forest Rangers hitting their stride early and scoring two early goals, it didn’t look promising for Castlemaine.

However, Dan Park created something from nothing with a blistering run down the right wing, cutting in onto goals to beat the keeper. This shook the home team, and gave the visitors belief that they were still in the game.

The Mainers forced a corner and Dom Crinsen, on debut for the club, fired a header home to make it 2-2.

This brought Forest back to life. They scored before half time to take a 3-2 lead.

The second half was intensely fought, with Doryan Gowty and Chris Wilson giving their all in defence.

Castlemaine came close to an equalizer, with a long ball sending Taro Muller through, one-on-one with the Forest keeper. His shot beat the keeper, but also cleared the crossbar.

The Mainers pushed hard to the last whistle and were disappointed not not to come away with points from the game, but can be well pleased with every players dedication and effort.

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